Haily Marie Photography



This is my reasoning, my purpose, my dreams, and my mission.

This is why I take photos.

I take photos out of appreciation for life's beautiful moments.

Growing up  wasn't super fun for me or my family, we didn't have many document-able moments. And, we never took family photos. Looking back I greatly wish we had taken more photos, that we had those memories to look back on, even the not so good ones. Throughout my life I faced many obstacles that nearly broke me, but the day I picked up a camera, I realized that those tragic moments actually built me and showed me exactly what God wanted me to do in life.

Today, I have grown to see life for what it is, for its beauty in the good and the bad. All because of the tragic moments I've previously faced. With this new found appreciation of life, I knew I wanted to spend my life documenting these moments for others. Every moment, rather good or bad, could be something beautiful. I want to capture each moment for you and your family to cherish.

Photography has led me to a happiness I've never felt before. Its my outlet. My mask. It's led me to a comforting moment in my life. Photography is not a job to me, it's not about the money, it's not about the "fame", it's truly just a girl (me) wanting to capture moments for people that I grew up not always knowing and being able to appreciate. Life has so much to offer, and when you come from a background like me, you don't often realize that. But once I put a camera in front of my face I see life's true beauty. I love seeing smiles and raw emotions from families, couples, seniors and whoever else. I love seeing kids smiling, and happy and healthy. This isn't my job, this isn't just my passion, it's my life. I have come to see a beauty that I never thought I'd see and I see it all through my camera. I see every moment, even just walking the dog, or walking down the street as something so beautiful.

Appreciate life's moments, document the good and the bad. Never forget where you came from. and, let me capture the moments you never want to forget, the smiles you may not see one day. Let me capture the times in your life that mean the most, even if that's just having your family together for one day. Invest in having your emotions, milestones, and smiles captured. Invest in me, someone who has seen life at its worst, so I know just how gorgeous your life is and can be.

-Haily Marie



I am a very weird, silly, out-going photographer. I make stupid jokes to get you to laugh and bring out REAL smiles. You can be real around me, I will never judge you. You'll most likely see me in combat boots, no matter what the weather is. I love cats, netflix, FOOD, aliens, being weird, and making dumb jokes. I drive a turbo VW bug, and its totally BOMB! I have a lot of tattoos, but they all tell a story. I am just the silly little tattooed, cat loving, photographer who falls during almost every session. I love when clients become my friends! I promise no matter how "awkward" you think you are, I am way more awkward and we will get along great and ROCKKKK your session! I promise my jokes and craziness will make you laugh and way more comfortable than you think!